Arrived and settling in

Blog Day 1 – Tenerife Warm Weather Training

We’ve arrived and everyone is excited. By the time we arrived we didn’t have time to do any training but then it’s not always wise to jumps straight into it after the travel. The time is better spent just familiarising yourself with the surroundings.

For some it is the second time back here for warm weather training, but for the majority it’s their first time so ideal to relax.

Weather was a welcome 25C at its highest today a huge jump from what we left behind.

The pool was a welcome sight for all as everyone jumped in and had a bit of fun.

Our youngest two Faye and a Cameron (Not Sinclair or Keelan but Provan) were the two who lasted the longest in the water till the sun was going down.

Coach Paul headed to the track just to check in with the staff to ensure all time slots for both track and gym are going to work out and was given the thumbs up for the plan by the friendly Mario.

It was onto dinner and we were all hopeful of a great spread as last time the food was superb and it didn’t disappoint. Chicken, Tuna and even Sirloin Steak on offer with a huge selection of vegetables and a massive salad bar to pick from so our non meat eaters didn’t struggle. I’m happy to report the athletes all tucked in.

Evening rolled around and a wee bit of team fun with a short quiz the Coach Nicola had put together. Teams were randomly drawn so to make it more fun.

Winners were Al, Cameron K and Katie.

The rest of the evening is downtime for all and the athletes get a chance to do what they’d like to relax. For the older boys Craig, Taylor and Cameron S that’s off to watch Anthony Joshua hopefully defend his World Heavyweight titles.

Tomorrow we get started in essence with the actual Warm Weather Training and a beach session as none of the facilities are open on Sunday. So it’s using what you have in abundance to your benefit; one thing we are always good at.

The Eve before the Trip

Finally it has arrived and we are off to Tenerife tomorrow morning. 14 athletes, 2 coaches, 3 parents, 1 grandparent and 2 kids.

The plan for the week has training, downtime, evening fun, day off for a trip to the Water Park and study time for some. It has all been planned in so the athletes don’t have to worry about where they need to be when.

We will be posting on a daily basis so keep visiting for regular updates.