Day 7 -Tenerife Warm Weather Training

The final day has arrived and we are all a bit sad it’s coming to an end but excited for the last two sessions.

As always a good breakfast consumed before heading out into the sunshine for the last track session.

Today’s session was block starts for most and hurdles for Taylor alongside guest athlete Cameron Keelan. They had 1 run over all 10 hurdles and twice over 3 hurdles

The rest of the squad had 2 x 120m and 1x60m from Blocks.

A great session to finish the track session on. For more pictures of this session visit the Facebook page.

Lunchtime rolls around and they all eat heartily after all the energy spent.

Finally we reached the last session of the week and it was a cardio, core and Plyometric session. This involved warm up and then a pyramid session of press ups, sit ups and squat thrusts. Then on the plyometrics with jumping in the stand. Finishing off with a hip workout which is always excellent but hard.

For more photos of this session visit the Facebook page.

Back to the hotel and they’ve had a great week of training which means they’ve earned their evening off and they’ve decided to head out to treat themselves at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner.

Mini Disco and Karaoke for the coaches 🎤

Day 6 – Tenerife Warm Weather Training

Sunrise and the excitement of back to training after our day off. Everyone was up and raring to go at breakfast and then over to the track we headed.

Today was the day we settled the bill and the ease of training here is great. We get a sheet to fill in as we go marking up who trained what days and we pay the bill at the end or near the end. So simple nothing like back home where there is such a fuss over it all.

We bumped into a lot more Scots this time with Kenny from Inverclyde and his squad plus Michael Olsen from Edinburgh.

Today’s session was all about sprint mechanics. Arms having to be correct driving full swing from “cheek to cheek”, learning to run tall when is full flight and when from start getting those legs driving in a more piston action. Great learning for them all and well executed.

It was a very pleasing session to see them all developing and the older ones looking smooth in their action.

Katie had a great session on movement and core as we adapted to cater for her injured ankle. The session was 3 sets of 30 secs with 10 secs recovery. The exercises were

  • Squat Pulse and Reach
  • On back leg kicks
  • Press ups
  • Marching High Knees
  • On back legs curled at chest and lower to straight legs then split
  • Dips
  • On back side to sides
  • Forward leg reach
  • Sit ups through legs

Back to the hotel for lunch. Had to be sharp as we had our afternoon session at 3pm.

Afternoon session was our pool session and some aqua running.

We were joined for this session by Michael Olsen from Edinburgh. The session was 5 minutes warm up jogging then 6x30secs with 30secs recovery. Then 2 lengths swim of the pool swimming. Then 4x1min with 30secs recovery. Then 2 lengths of the pool swimming. Then 6x30secs with 30secs recovery then 2 mins rest and 5x10secs blasting as hard as you can with 20 secs recovery. Finishing with 1 length of the pool swimming. A tough session but a good one. Michael’s first time aqua jogging and he said he couldn’t believe how hard and knackering it was. A lot think aqua running will be easy but it’s not and it is a great workout. The only time you’ll sweat in the water.

Evening rolls around and time for dinner and another excellent spread and some goat on offer this time 😁

Time to chill and the mini disco for some and the others a wee stroll to get some fresh air all ready for their final training day tomorrow.

Day 5 – Tenerife Warm Weather Training

Today was rest day and a trip to Siam Park.

If you’ve never been it’s one of the best water parks available. Not too pricy to get in and even the food on offer isn’t a total rip off like some of these places.

Breakfast first to charge up then the short walk down to get the free bus. Katie managed to get there on her sore ankle which was good she didn’t miss out.

We based ourselves at the Beach Area which also doubles up as a fantastic wave lagoon with the largest man made waves from what I’ve heard.

Everyone got stuck into the rides and had a great time.

Lunch was a decent choice and something for all.

More rides and fun then home on the free bus again.

Dinner rolled around and it was Oriental night tonight. Another good spread and plenty for our vegetarians as well tonight.

The day was then the final time to relax before we’re back on it with training tomorrow.

Day 4 – Tenerife Warm Weather Training

The day kicks off with breakfast as normal.

Unfortunately we start with two injuries. Aimee managed to slip on water on the floor and banged her knee and Sinead hurt her heel in the pool. Simple non training accidents. Adaption required for both to train. Aimee will do some warm up exercises that are at easy slow walking pace and Sinead feels she can do it so we had to constantly monitor as the day went.

First set session was back at the track. Today for Craig, Taylor, Cameron and Ailsa we had

  • 250m at 90% pace then 2 mins rest and 50m top speed. Then 15 mins rest
  • 180m at 90% pace then 2 mins rest and 50m top speed. Then 15 mins rest
  • 130m at top speed then 2 mins rest and 50m top speed

Ben, Joe, Sean, Beth, Katie, Sarah and Sinead did the 250m, 180m and 130m with 15 mins rest between each. Sinead managed only the 250m till we stopped there so not to aggravate the heel any more.

Cracking session today a bit more cloud cover so not roasting which made training good.

Accidents happens and today seems like we got struck by it. Katie unluckily tripped over the inside track railing and twisted her ankle. We had to get the ice out and onto it. They say things happen in threes so hopefully that’s the three unlucky moments out the way.

Thankfully none of the three are badly burst just minor sprains and aches and with a day off tomorrow we can adapt later in the week if required. This will ensure everyone enjoys and gets the most out of their week training.

Back to the hotel and a wee dip for the legs for some in the pool. Katie got more ice and we strapped up the ankle.

Lunchtime arrived and a huge spread awaiting which was delicious as always. As Joe described it it is like eating like a king 😀🤴

After a bit of rest the afternoon session rolled around. As they’ve all worked hard we changed this to an easy stretching and mobility session. Only 45 minutes and again at the track. Katie we left resting her ankle and time to relax so we have her back soon.

Worked top to toe starting with shoulders which involved:

Arm raises, rotational work, mini band work all to stretch those tight shoulder out. Then onto torso, back and hips with work on the ground moving in all planes of the movement pattern to get things really loosened off. Finishing with those calfs at the bottom to stretch it out. Really good and easy to get the body feeling good again.

Back to the hotel and some had a dip in the pool while others chilled at the side.

Evening rolled around and we were onto the dinner. Tonight was Mexican night so the fayre involved fajitas, chilli con carne and lots of other classic Mexican dishes and some less known in the Uk.

Night finishes with downtime for everyone with the knowledge they have a day off tomorrow to let the body recover and have fun at Siam Park.

Today as coach you learn that no matter how well planned everything is there’s always factors that catch you unexpectedly and it’s how to ensure the weeks plan is adapted to ensure the squad learn from everything and have the best week possible.

To finish on a positive we’ve had another day where the squad are bonding strongly and everyone is working brilliantly together.

Day 3 – Tenerife Warm Weather Training

Day 3 and we’re all excited to finally get to the track. Breakfast kicks us off at 8:30am then we’re fuelled and ready for the track.

Today’s opener was nothing too heavy due to it being the first session. 2 x 80m top speed sprints from standing start them 2x 60m top speed sprints. We have two guest athletes Alistair and Cameron K who were working alongside the squad but doing their own sessions today of 3×120 varying speed runs.

The track had many good athletes at it today and our squad fitted in nicely alongside looking professional and buzzing.

Warm up was our normal track effort of 3 60 strides. Skips, lunges, squats and then crucifix front and back. Hurdle walkovers to get those hips loose. Then onto drills of 3 x skip blinds with arms swings, walking high knees, gradual high knees, 1-2-3 up and 1-2-3 Under, single legs and the stick drill all twice.

Onto the sprints and the team were looking sharp as the enjoyment of sprinting on the sun was really kicking it. All looked like they were flying today.

After cool down and a little bit of posing for photos and the boys doing a bit of macho pull ups as they do. We headed back to the hotel for a dip in the cold pool. All jumped in and let the body calm back down after the heat.

The lads tried some team building of a different kind.

Lunch was an excellent fayre with plenty to refuel with.

Chill out and ready for the second session.

Weights for some and the others core and movement

Coach Nicola took the core and movement session and Coach Paul took the weights. They all warmed up together first doing 3x60m strides, skips, lunges, weight walks

Then the core session involved crawls – caterpillar, Spider-Man and Bear. Then it was hurdles 6 times walkovers then up and unders then up and unders spinning. The final part was the multi movement and core workout of

  • Crawl out press up and crawl in
  • On back legs in air and rotate side to side
  • Squat and reach
  • Bear crawl squares

3 sets of 30 secs with 10 secs between each exercise. A great sweat in the sun

The weights session involved two different sessions depending on level. The experienced lifers did

  • Step ups on box with barbell
  • Single arm dumbbell shoulder press
  • Cleans

The developers did

  • Dead lift
  • Side flys
  • Split snatch from chest

All finished with core covering double leg drive sit up, opposite leg and arm lowers and side to sides

Great sessions all round

Time to then head back get washed up and ready for dinner.

Dinner again was an excellent spread with lots to choose from.

Evening swung around and the athletes got to be entertained by Faye and the other kids who put on a show.

Day 2 – Tenerife Warm Weather Training

Day 2 kicked off with breakfast at 8:30am. So much choice for the athletes they couldn’t fail to get a nutritious start to the day.

The facilities in Tenerife aren’t available on a Sunday so it was time to adapt and use the benefits of what you have available.

The first session of the trip was on the beach to do some Sprints. As it was the first session after travel the key was to get loosened off ensuring all the stiffness from the journey was shaken out the bodies. A good warm up therefore undertaken covering skips, lunges, squats as well as more standard sprinting drills. The sand was well turned over for us in time for the sprints after all this. 4 x 40m sprints with mixing up the runners in each race so they get to race various team mates.

For the videos check out the Facebook page.

Session done and they all got the body cooled back down by jumping in the sea

The lads all then did the inflatable assault course. This is actually a tough workout.

Overall a great start to the training element of the trip.

Back for lunch and after a good session the athletes fairly tucked into the feast on offer. You name it buffet had it.

Afternoon had a bit of relax time and study time before the second session in the late afternoon. This involved movement work to get the overall body working as well as loosened off from this morning. We used the hotel area in the shade where we could stretch out and not get in anyone’s way.

This session involved warming up of marching and arm swings then into on the spot high knees, jumping jacks and skiing 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off; twice of each exercise.

Then onto our favourite crawls. We love crawls, a great overall body movement. Caterpillar, Spider-Man, Bear, Crab and then the huge multi movement of caterpillar press up burpees.

Then we had a mini band workout. Side walks, monster walks, press up position arm movements, arm pull downs, shoulder extends and chest extends

Finishing with a wee boys against girls racing round the squares. Great fun session that got the athletes loosened off from earlier as well as a good set of movements.

Time to get washed up ready for dinner. Dinner was a local buffet special Canaries cuisine. Delicious too.

Evening had the mini disco time and Faye was joined by the some athletes for a bit of fun. They kept their promise to her and got up there 😀👍

Final downtime for everyone then off to bed.