Day 2 – Tenerife Warm Weather Training

Day 2 kicked off with breakfast at 8:30am. So much choice for the athletes they couldn’t fail to get a nutritious start to the day.

The facilities in Tenerife aren’t available on a Sunday so it was time to adapt and use the benefits of what you have available.

The first session of the trip was on the beach to do some Sprints. As it was the first session after travel the key was to get loosened off ensuring all the stiffness from the journey was shaken out the bodies. A good warm up therefore undertaken covering skips, lunges, squats as well as more standard sprinting drills. The sand was well turned over for us in time for the sprints after all this. 4 x 40m sprints with mixing up the runners in each race so they get to race various team mates.

For the videos check out the Facebook page.

Session done and they all got the body cooled back down by jumping in the sea

The lads all then did the inflatable assault course. This is actually a tough workout.

Overall a great start to the training element of the trip.

Back for lunch and after a good session the athletes fairly tucked into the feast on offer. You name it buffet had it.

Afternoon had a bit of relax time and study time before the second session in the late afternoon. This involved movement work to get the overall body working as well as loosened off from this morning. We used the hotel area in the shade where we could stretch out and not get in anyone’s way.

This session involved warming up of marching and arm swings then into on the spot high knees, jumping jacks and skiing 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off; twice of each exercise.

Then onto our favourite crawls. We love crawls, a great overall body movement. Caterpillar, Spider-Man, Bear, Crab and then the huge multi movement of caterpillar press up burpees.

Then we had a mini band workout. Side walks, monster walks, press up position arm movements, arm pull downs, shoulder extends and chest extends

Finishing with a wee boys against girls racing round the squares. Great fun session that got the athletes loosened off from earlier as well as a good set of movements.

Time to get washed up ready for dinner. Dinner was a local buffet special Canaries cuisine. Delicious too.

Evening had the mini disco time and Faye was joined by the some athletes for a bit of fun. They kept their promise to her and got up there 😀👍

Final downtime for everyone then off to bed.

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