Day 6 – Tenerife Warm Weather Training

Sunrise and the excitement of back to training after our day off. Everyone was up and raring to go at breakfast and then over to the track we headed.

Today was the day we settled the bill and the ease of training here is great. We get a sheet to fill in as we go marking up who trained what days and we pay the bill at the end or near the end. So simple nothing like back home where there is such a fuss over it all.

We bumped into a lot more Scots this time with Kenny from Inverclyde and his squad plus Michael Olsen from Edinburgh.

Today’s session was all about sprint mechanics. Arms having to be correct driving full swing from “cheek to cheek”, learning to run tall when is full flight and when from start getting those legs driving in a more piston action. Great learning for them all and well executed.

It was a very pleasing session to see them all developing and the older ones looking smooth in their action.

Katie had a great session on movement and core as we adapted to cater for her injured ankle. The session was 3 sets of 30 secs with 10 secs recovery. The exercises were

  • Squat Pulse and Reach
  • On back leg kicks
  • Press ups
  • Marching High Knees
  • On back legs curled at chest and lower to straight legs then split
  • Dips
  • On back side to sides
  • Forward leg reach
  • Sit ups through legs

Back to the hotel for lunch. Had to be sharp as we had our afternoon session at 3pm.

Afternoon session was our pool session and some aqua running.

We were joined for this session by Michael Olsen from Edinburgh. The session was 5 minutes warm up jogging then 6x30secs with 30secs recovery. Then 2 lengths swim of the pool swimming. Then 4x1min with 30secs recovery. Then 2 lengths of the pool swimming. Then 6x30secs with 30secs recovery then 2 mins rest and 5x10secs blasting as hard as you can with 20 secs recovery. Finishing with 1 length of the pool swimming. A tough session but a good one. Michael’s first time aqua jogging and he said he couldn’t believe how hard and knackering it was. A lot think aqua running will be easy but it’s not and it is a great workout. The only time you’ll sweat in the water.

Evening rolls around and time for dinner and another excellent spread and some goat on offer this time 😁

Time to chill and the mini disco for some and the others a wee stroll to get some fresh air all ready for their final training day tomorrow.

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