Day 7 -Tenerife Warm Weather Training

The final day has arrived and we are all a bit sad it’s coming to an end but excited for the last two sessions.

As always a good breakfast consumed before heading out into the sunshine for the last track session.

Today’s session was block starts for most and hurdles for Taylor alongside guest athlete Cameron Keelan. They had 1 run over all 10 hurdles and twice over 3 hurdles

The rest of the squad had 2 x 120m and 1x60m from Blocks.

A great session to finish the track session on. For more pictures of this session visit the Facebook page.

Lunchtime rolls around and they all eat heartily after all the energy spent.

Finally we reached the last session of the week and it was a cardio, core and Plyometric session. This involved warm up and then a pyramid session of press ups, sit ups and squat thrusts. Then on the plyometrics with jumping in the stand. Finishing off with a hip workout which is always excellent but hard.

For more photos of this session visit the Facebook page.

Back to the hotel and they’ve had a great week of training which means they’ve earned their evening off and they’ve decided to head out to treat themselves at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner.

Mini Disco and Karaoke for the coaches 🎤

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