Strength & Conditioning

The philosophy is simple; train movements not muscles.

The work is done in the weights room and does involve barbell lifts, dumbbell lifts and kettlebell Lifts. An individually tailored program for each athlete to work on their overall body strength, however it is not about trying to lift massive weights if the movement isn’t there. We prefer to ensure the whole body is being put through the work after all running and especially sprinting and hurdling involve full body movements. To aid the full movements, doing bench press using a swiss ball instead of the bench and using dumbbells instead of a barbell suddenly dials the exercise up, you now also need your core to stop the ball from bouncing and moving and you must work your arms together to stop the ball swaying.

Other examples are clean and press from floor with heavy dumbbells. Using 20Kg dumbbells in each arm may not seem heavy compared to doing it with 80Kg on a barbell, but give it a try and you’ll find it takes a lot more effort therefore a lot more benefit.