Core & Mobility

The core is key to all movements; if this is weak it will impact your performance. Again we work movement patterns and not isolate the one muscle area all the time. Yes we may have some “sit up” style exercises in the session but we will adapt to using various types and using the arms and legs moving to work the whole core. At no point in any event do you purely only use the stomach, so the emphasis is to not just work that work it with other areas.

Crawls, we love crawls! These vary as there are so many ways to do them. They work the whole body and especially the core. They are also measurable as you can see yourself improving with your movement skills on each crawl as you work them.

Med Ball workouts are tough but also fun, having various movements with a med ball can bring on a sweat but get great benefits, example:

Squat with Med Ball
Jump Squat with Med Ball pressing above head on take off
Press Med Ball above head from standing
Pass Med Ball round back
Lunges with Med Ball twisting when in lunge to each side
Med Ball throws against wall

Mobility is also a key factor and you have to be supple to get the full benefit for your event, if your body can’t get into the position then it won’t manage to reach its potential. Mobility again comes through dynamic movements. Use movements that go through the range of positions needed in a similar fashion. Lunges for example in various planes, our crawls also need mobility to get into position and work similar movements to running, hurdle walkovers all exercises used.