Day 4 – Tenerife Warm Weather Training

The day kicks off with breakfast as normal.

Unfortunately we start with two injuries. Aimee managed to slip on water on the floor and banged her knee and Sinead hurt her heel in the pool. Simple non training accidents. Adaption required for both to train. Aimee will do some warm up exercises that are at easy slow walking pace and Sinead feels she can do it so we had to constantly monitor as the day went.

First set session was back at the track. Today for Craig, Taylor, Cameron and Ailsa we had

  • 250m at 90% pace then 2 mins rest and 50m top speed. Then 15 mins rest
  • 180m at 90% pace then 2 mins rest and 50m top speed. Then 15 mins rest
  • 130m at top speed then 2 mins rest and 50m top speed

Ben, Joe, Sean, Beth, Katie, Sarah and Sinead did the 250m, 180m and 130m with 15 mins rest between each. Sinead managed only the 250m till we stopped there so not to aggravate the heel any more.

Cracking session today a bit more cloud cover so not roasting which made training good.

Accidents happens and today seems like we got struck by it. Katie unluckily tripped over the inside track railing and twisted her ankle. We had to get the ice out and onto it. They say things happen in threes so hopefully that’s the three unlucky moments out the way.

Thankfully none of the three are badly burst just minor sprains and aches and with a day off tomorrow we can adapt later in the week if required. This will ensure everyone enjoys and gets the most out of their week training.

Back to the hotel and a wee dip for the legs for some in the pool. Katie got more ice and we strapped up the ankle.

Lunchtime arrived and a huge spread awaiting which was delicious as always. As Joe described it it is like eating like a king 😀🤴

After a bit of rest the afternoon session rolled around. As they’ve all worked hard we changed this to an easy stretching and mobility session. Only 45 minutes and again at the track. Katie we left resting her ankle and time to relax so we have her back soon.

Worked top to toe starting with shoulders which involved:

Arm raises, rotational work, mini band work all to stretch those tight shoulder out. Then onto torso, back and hips with work on the ground moving in all planes of the movement pattern to get things really loosened off. Finishing with those calfs at the bottom to stretch it out. Really good and easy to get the body feeling good again.

Back to the hotel and some had a dip in the pool while others chilled at the side.

Evening rolled around and we were onto the dinner. Tonight was Mexican night so the fayre involved fajitas, chilli con carne and lots of other classic Mexican dishes and some less known in the Uk.

Night finishes with downtime for everyone with the knowledge they have a day off tomorrow to let the body recover and have fun at Siam Park.

Today as coach you learn that no matter how well planned everything is there’s always factors that catch you unexpectedly and it’s how to ensure the weeks plan is adapted to ensure the squad learn from everything and have the best week possible.

To finish on a positive we’ve had another day where the squad are bonding strongly and everyone is working brilliantly together.

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