Day 3 – Tenerife Warm Weather Training

Day 3 and we’re all excited to finally get to the track. Breakfast kicks us off at 8:30am then we’re fuelled and ready for the track.

Today’s opener was nothing too heavy due to it being the first session. 2 x 80m top speed sprints from standing start them 2x 60m top speed sprints. We have two guest athletes Alistair and Cameron K who were working alongside the squad but doing their own sessions today of 3×120 varying speed runs.

The track had many good athletes at it today and our squad fitted in nicely alongside looking professional and buzzing.

Warm up was our normal track effort of 3 60 strides. Skips, lunges, squats and then crucifix front and back. Hurdle walkovers to get those hips loose. Then onto drills of 3 x skip blinds with arms swings, walking high knees, gradual high knees, 1-2-3 up and 1-2-3 Under, single legs and the stick drill all twice.

Onto the sprints and the team were looking sharp as the enjoyment of sprinting on the sun was really kicking it. All looked like they were flying today.

After cool down and a little bit of posing for photos and the boys doing a bit of macho pull ups as they do. We headed back to the hotel for a dip in the cold pool. All jumped in and let the body calm back down after the heat.

The lads tried some team building of a different kind.

Lunch was an excellent fayre with plenty to refuel with.

Chill out and ready for the second session.

Weights for some and the others core and movement

Coach Nicola took the core and movement session and Coach Paul took the weights. They all warmed up together first doing 3x60m strides, skips, lunges, weight walks

Then the core session involved crawls – caterpillar, Spider-Man and Bear. Then it was hurdles 6 times walkovers then up and unders then up and unders spinning. The final part was the multi movement and core workout of

  • Crawl out press up and crawl in
  • On back legs in air and rotate side to side
  • Squat and reach
  • Bear crawl squares

3 sets of 30 secs with 10 secs between each exercise. A great sweat in the sun

The weights session involved two different sessions depending on level. The experienced lifers did

  • Step ups on box with barbell
  • Single arm dumbbell shoulder press
  • Cleans

The developers did

  • Dead lift
  • Side flys
  • Split snatch from chest

All finished with core covering double leg drive sit up, opposite leg and arm lowers and side to sides

Great sessions all round

Time to then head back get washed up and ready for dinner.

Dinner again was an excellent spread with lots to choose from.

Evening swung around and the athletes got to be entertained by Faye and the other kids who put on a show.

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